Pressure Vessel

Project Summary

Evergreen Defabs have recently carried out the Design, Manufacture and installation of a 33,000 litre Limpet Coil Pressure Blending Vessel. The vessel was fabricated at our Derby facility and transported to the clients site where Evergreen Defabs completed the vessel ingress and associated pipe-work installation.

Vessel Construction
3.2 metres Diameter
4.0 metres Tan to Tan
Vertical cylindrical configuration
2:1 dished top and bottom.
Limpet Coil Jacket over dished bottom and vessel straight side.

Vessel Finish
Internally polished to a 0.5µM Ra finish
All welds ground smooth and polished to 0.5µM Ra finish

Design Criteria
PD5500 Cat 2, 2000 & PED 97/23/EC Gas Group 1
Design Pressure: 3.0 Bar G + Full Vacuum 32 Bar G
Design Temperature: 165 C
Radiography: 10% Butt Welds

  • Client: Scott Bader
  • Project: Pressure Vessel
  • Sector: Chemical